Do you still remember how to write? I mean, real writing. Writing physically with a pen on paper.

As we enter deeper into the digital era, the use of pens is gradually being lost and forgotten.

Writing, today, are mostly done on our phones and computers. This is something that is almost unimaginable just 20 years ago.

Just like people now using the word reading for listening to audiobooks. Writing and typing are becoming indistinguishable.

But don’t abandon our ability to write. Writing is an art. There’s something magical about writing. Writing encourages flow.

But what to write about?

How about keeping a physical journal copy. Write your days, your thoughts, and your ideas. Most likely, no one’s going to read your journal. But that’s okay. Because it’s a dimension that we can keep authentic. It’s a place where we can let out our secrets and be open to ourselves. Sometimes, we forget that it’s okay to not need to show anything to everything in the social media generation.

We live a relatively long life and I’m sure you’ll have meaningful things happening in your life, good or bad, that is worthing jotting down.

Give yourself the liberty to do so.