Most people find difficulty in achieving their desired success is simply because success, to them, is a choice.

To be average is not a choice. That’s why so many people remain average. Not achieving even mediocrity means unhappiness and even poverty. That’s why most people belong in the average zone.

Most people who are struggling with credit card bills are, somehow, able to pay the minimum fee every month. And they get from minimum fee to minimum fee until their interests ballooned to a point where it’s not a choice for them to do so anymore. Then they do something about it.

They won’t pay a dollar more, even if paying a dollar more is very much a possibility. People will pay the $100 minimum fee, but they will not pay $101. $100 is not a choice. $101 is.

Success is really a choice. That is why most people are not successful. It is only when it becomes mandatory, people will give their all for success.

Successful people treat their success as a mission. If they don’t succeed, they fail. If they succeed, they’ve accomplished their purpose in life. To successful people, success isn’t a choice.

Ask yourself truthfully, is success a choice for you? If your answer is no, you will succeed. If success is a choice, then it doesn’t mean that you’re doomed for a life of mediocrity.

It simply means that you have to starting changing your mindset. What motivates you? What drives you?