What’s An Ideal Goal

Goals setting is important. Yes, we know that already. After all, that’s what’s being reiterated repeatedly over and over in this blog.

But what exactly is a goal and what’s an ideal goal?

A goal is simply something meaningful for you to work towards. Without a goal, you’ll end up living in existence but without substance and directions.

An ideal goal is big. So big it doesn’t matter if you hit it or not. A goal shouldn’t be a cap on your infinite potential.

A goal is not a targetboard, but a springboard to propel you to unimaginable heights.

The point of it is that it must excite you and motivate you to give your best. And I mean your very, very best. It must push you to your limits.

An ideal goal must also change your life. When we’re talking about goals, we aren’t talking about small goals like daily or weekly goals.

We are referring to long-term goals. Achieving your goals means that your life will be changed, forever, for the better.

You’ll have an abundance of wealth, meaning, peace, joy, and fulfilment.