Regrets are part and parcel of life. It’s something we need to acknowledge.

No matter what, regrets are inevitable. And the earlier we accept this, the better.

The regrets we have today are likely to be different from those that we will have 20 years later. And the regrets that we will have 20 years later are likely to be different from those that we will have 40 years later.

Regardless, I’m sure that I will regret if I don’t live the rest of my life meaningfully. What’s exactly meaningful?

A meaningful life means a life that’s live in alignment with my purpose. Purpose is something that I love and is passionate doing. It’s something that you can spend all your hours thinking and doing. Not just for the next couple of weeks, but for the rest of your life.

A meaningful life is also one that we constantly push ourselves our limits. Because it is when we are facing challenges, we will truly clarity of who we really are.

A meaningful life means to bring immense value to people.

When we are able to serve others, improve their lives, success and happiness becomes just a byproduct.