Want to succeed? Find a challenge. It's difficult to challenge ourselves. So, challenge your friends. Challenge your colleagues. Challenge your competition. Human beings are competitive by nature. And challenging others is a great way to bring out that innate competitive spirit in us. Devise a reward and punishment system. It's fun. It's effective. A challenge … Continue reading Challenge


Keeping a journal is a lost art. 99.99% of people don't keep a journal anymore. But the benefits of journaling are aplenty. Firstly, we work so hard each day. Isn't keeping a record of our daily activities something that's deserved to be written down. If we don't record our thoughts, actions, and imaginations, they'll simply … Continue reading Journal


Imagination is men's greatest gift. It's free. It's infinite. And they can be turned into reality. Unfortunately, people nowadays don't dare to imagine anymore. What a tragedy. What if our ancestors, like us, don't dare to imagine? We probably won't have vehicles on the road, skyscrapers that reach the clouds, and spacecrafts that can fly … Continue reading Imagination