Finding Purpose

People always ask how can they become success. And my answer will always be the same: Find Your Purpose.

Once you have found your purpose in life, everything else will aligned itself automatically to help you achieve your dreams and desires.

You will become hardworking automatically. You will wake up early automatically. You will find your resources automatically. You will meet the right people automatically.

Also, the things that are not congruent with your purpose will be automatically rejected away from you: distractions, temptations, people, negativity, anger, gossips, obstructions, etc.

For example, an orphan’s purpose may be to set up a foundation to give other orphan’s a shelter, food, education, healthcare, hope, and a future. If this is indeed his purpose, he will do everything he can, for the rest of his life, towards achieving it.

Or if someone is heavily affected by how the earth is deteriorating, he might see his life purpose as to set up a company that educate and advocate about going green. And if the purpose is strong enough, he will surely invest all his time and energy into it.

How can the two examples above relate and help you to find your own life purpose?