No Audience

One of the biggest fears about achieving success is about building a following.

Every successful person or business will wonder how they’ll get from 0 to 1, 1 to 100, and 100 to 1 million. Unfortunately, the hard truth is that without a following, it’s difficult to build a massive amount of success.

Because success comes from being value to people. And the more people you bring value to, the more success you will accumulate. Look at the success stories we have today, Amazon, Tesla, Apple, Alibaba etc. They achieve massive success through attaining a healthy following. None of them succeeded by remaining small.

For all of us living in the digital era, it’s almost criminal if we desire success, yet choose not to build up our following.

Start to do so if you haven’t. Create quality content on a consistent basis. Reach out to people through the different strategies available in the market. Do so honestly, genuinely and with sincerity.

Time is the scarcest commodity. It is infinite but it’s not infinite to us.

So start today.