The Question That Changed My Life

“Do you want to live a life of existence, or a life of substance?”

From the moment I heard this, I decided to get my act together.

For many years, I’ve been accepting mediocrity on myself. I always knew I can do more, but why do I allow myself to succumb to only existing? It’s as if I was stuck in a trance. And I believe 90% of the people are currently still stuck in that same situation.

Most people are only operating at 20% of their full capabilities. That means they are on autopilot. Like zombies, half dead, at least in their soul.

Most people are well fed, well sheltered, but not living with a life with meaning and in alignment to their true purpose. I like to relate this to being like a zoo animal.

Do you really want to continue to be a zombie? Or a zoo animal? Or is it time to realize that it’s time to start building your dreams and achieve massive success in your life?