People Don’t Like To Be Sold

People don’t like to be sold, but they love to buy.

They are constantly looking for stuff to buy. But when salespeople come chasing after them, they run away.

Chasing after people to buy your stuff scares people. What comes to mind? Desperate. Scam. Pressurizing.

So how do you get them to buy your products? Value and trust.

Of course, your product must be of value. Value must exceed the price. If the price exceeds the value, most people will walk away. Think about how you can increase your value through quality and service. If your products are of value, you’ll have the confidence to sell it without having to sound like a pressure cooker, leaving a bad taste in your customers mouth.

Trust. Means, your reputation. Does your brand and products reflect trustworthiness. Are you sincere? Genuine? Often, sales people forget that building reputation takes time.