Work Anywhere

Average people are only productive during work hours, and only in their office. To them, their contribution is based on their office hours.

Successful people work when and where they like. As long as they have their laptop or their smartphone with them, they can create value.

This is freedom.

Successful work for freedom. Average people work for a paycheck. Successful people work to changing people’s lives. Average people work for themselves.

The older successful people becomes, the more valuable they are. Because the value they create are retained and what they give to the world are acknowledged.

The older average people becomes the more disposable they are. Because they become more expensive for their employers to retain. They cry when the day they are told that they can’t be afforded comes. And are replaced by younger, cheaper, and speedier alternatives.

Start working on your success. Start building towards the day where you can choose to work anywhere you wish.