Young Men’s Mistake

What happens when young men start to earn a little money?

They spend all of them on nice clothes, nice accessories, nice cars (with maximum loans), nice gadgets (playstations and iPhones), nice dinners, nice drinks, nice parties, nice vacations, etc.

And what happens next? They are still broke. All the nice things are just facades. They are just phonies.

Trying to impress their friends. Trying to impress girls. And the truth is that their pockets are empty.

That’s pretty pathetic.

Unless you’re brought up in a privileged family, most young men start off the same.

And what’s the most impressive is not what you have on the outside, but on the inside.

And it’s not just how much money you have, but rather, how much you’ve accumulated. Because wealth accumulation is an indication of how reliable and mature a man is. That’s the really impressive stuff.

How much money you’re able to accumulate is also a good indicator of how savvy you are.

At a young age, where most young people fritter away their (or even their parents’) hard-earned money, you have the aptitude to do otherwise.