Why I Blog on Weekends

Blogging on weekends is nothing to boast about. It’s easy. But surprisingly, not many people do.

But I do. Why?

It’s all about showing up.

If you truly wish to succeed, you not only need to show up on weekdays, but weekends as well.

There are people who want to see you. And if you’re “closed”, these people are simply going to feel disappointed. You don’t want anyone to feel disappointed, do you?

Facebook don’t close on weekends. Neither do Starbucks and McDonald’s. But who does? Average people.

Weekends are time for average people to rest. And it doesn’t matter if they need them or not. They can be on a vacation from Monday to Friday, and they will still need the Saturday and Sunday for rest. Resting on weekends has been ingrained into them. They are entitled to do so, or at least they feel they do.

You should realize that since the day you signed up for success, weekends are no longer rest days for you.