Kept Afloat

Most people are not at the surface, nor at the bottom. But kept afloat in the middle.

And being in the middle is the worst place to be in. Even worse than being at the bottom.

When you’re above the surface, you’re thriving. And even when you’re at the bottom, you will have all the reasons and motivation to kick and thrust yourself to the top.

But when you’re just floating in the middle, you’re stuck. You don’t have any reasons to give your 200% to get yourself to the top. You are satisfied. You are comfortable. But you are not fulfilled and you don’t feel like life is meaningful.

And you’ll one day realize that you haven’t been living in alignment to your true purpose. And that will begin to haunt you and put you in a bad place.

Are you one of those who’s just floating in the middle? If yes, stop settling for mediocrity. Life is better when it’s lived to the maximum. Your maximum.