Little Readers

Kids are often advised to read. They are told that reading is a good habit and will help them increase their knowledge.

But why do so few of these kids continue to read after they become adults. After all, the average person reads only 1 book a year. Where did it go wrong?

The benefits of reading is unquestionable. Indeed, it is a great habit and it help us to increase our knowledge.

But what were those adults thinking when they were giving those advises? What do they expect from the kids when it’s apparent that “good habit” and “increase knowledge” means absolutely nothing to them.

The best way to encourage kids from taking action is to speak their language. What is fun for them? What are the rewards for them? Is it something cool? Are their role models avid reader as well?

How many kids will really get excited about cultivating good habits and having their knowledge increased?

And most of the time, the adults giving the advice don’t even enjoy reading themselves.

Then, how can we convince the kids that reading is really beneficial to them?