The Most Important Thing About Sales


Unfortunately, many salespeople underestimate the true meaning of this word.

That’s why many novices can be seen going on and on about their products, while their prospects have evidently long lost any form of interest in what they have to say.

Trust means your reputation. What have you shown to your prospects? Are you showing a side on social media that inadvertantly display a side of you that turns off most people?

Are you showing that you’re serious? You’re knowledgeable?

Not being so may simply imply that you’re in just for the commission.

What do you know beside your products? Do you have a regularly updated blog? A YouTube channel?

Do you show up everyday? Or are you always (acting) busy and unreachable?

Do you look professional? Or do you seemed haggard all the time?

If you’re facing challenges if your closing ratio, perhaps you should assess your trustworthiness level in the eyes of your prospects and if you’ve found any part that’s not up to mark, then it’s time for you to start seeking improving on them.