Ways to Start

I guess you’ve a job and I am assuming you aren’t backed by a rich investor (if not why are you here?).

You want to start living your dreams. Build a business. Create content to engage your audience. How do you start?

Perhaps you have commitments. Some big, some small. Big, like kids to feed and mortgage to pay. Small, like your phone bills.

The best way to start is to use your non-working hours to work on your dreams. That is any period that you aren’t working on your full time job.

Of course, you’ve got to sleep as well. So, go ahead and sleep. But at least commit the non-working and non-sleeping time to your dreams. Usually that’s around 4 to 8 hours on a usual weekday.

Only when your “side-hustle” has created a sizeable income that can replace your full-time job, then you can start to consider giving up your full-time job to fully focus your efforts on growing and turning your side-hustle into a full-time hustle.

The other way is to take a loan. But this is not the best option for 99% of the people. Leveraging on loans can fast track us to our desired goals, but it can also fast track us to catastrophic consequences. A misstep could easily equates to years of despair and hardship.

Using such methods would require serious education and consideration.

Seek a reputable mentor if you’re doing this. Else, better stay away.