Perception of Time

It’s important to understand perception during our journey to our success destination.

For example, a journey from point A to point B may last 6 hours, which can be perceived by most to be quite long.

But we can also perceive it to be short. How? Do you realize that when you’re stuck in the office, doing meaningless tasks, how slow the clock can creep? Or waiting for a few months for your vacation to come? Or just recalling how long the wait for the weekend feels like in the earlier part of the week.

We can fast forward the waiting time by doing fun and meaningful things. Fun, like playing video games. In a glimpse of an eye, 3 hours have zoomed by. Or a coffee session with our mates. Even a 2 weeks long vacation for most felt like a couple of days.

We can also make time feel like they are flying by by engaging ourselves in the tasks that we are doing. In short, be busy. Notice how fast the hours past when we are busy? But better than just being busy, find purpose and productivity in those busy moments.

When we find enjoyable and meaningful activities, time really past by faster, at least in our perceptions. Which is often underappreciated.

Successful people cherish time. Because every minute to them is an asset the can use to invest and change other people’s lives for the better. On the other hand, average people live their lives hoping that time fly past quickly. Think about it.

You start to not feel that your life is a drag when you start appreciating your time in this world.