Crazy People

Have you watched the film Back to the Future and Click?

What’s the similarly between Dr. Emmett Brown and Morty in the respective films? Both have messy hair, wear white coats, and are seemingly crazy.

One invents a time machine and the other, a remote control that can fast forward to whichever stage in life the user desires.

Both characters are great examples of why you shouldn’t aim to remain normal because crazy people produce crazy results. If you want to change the world, you must embrace your own idiosyncracies and you must not aim to be normal.

Everyday, normal people wakes up at 6, leave home at 7 and end work late in the evening. And their days continue to repeat themselves without anything worthy to shout about. Most of the time, their daily grinds don’t even result in any sense of fulfilment. Even worse, many of them end up becoming highly stressed and depressed.

Even if nobody believes you, you must believe in yourself. You must believe that you are brought into this earth for a noble purpose.

And for that to happen, you must always be clear about your own purpose and not be afraid of being just a little crazy.