The Quiet Type

Are you the “quiet” type? The kind that can’t even string a few sentences together to save your life?

You stutter. You “him and haw” too often. You can’t think past the next few words you desire to express.

You get nervous when asked to express your views. You stand in front of a room of 5 and get weak in the knees instantly.

Have you ever heard Elon Musk speak? Yes, the guy who also happens to be currently the richest man on earth. He speaks exactly just like you.

Public speaking is a skill that can be improved. But the point is that you don’t need to wait till you are as eloquent as Earl Nightingale before you can start delivering your message.

Quiet people usually have an abundance of brilliance in them. They tend to keep their ideas to themselves only because of their own insecurities, especially when it’s required for them to stand on a platform to share their imagination with others.

But don’t ever let that fear stop you because your creativity could bring you the massive success that you have always quietly desired.