The Idea

Whenever we bring up an idea to someone, he or she will probably throw this back at us: What makes your idea different from others?

There may be big players that are already in the market, distributing what you have in mind to millions of people on a daily basis.

But the fact is that we don’t need to be different for different’s sake. Your idea is still your idea and your idiosyncracy will, somehow, attract your own group of audience.

While on your own journey, your idea will evolve and develop to suit the needs of your audience.

And even if your idea doesn’t end up being all too different from your competitors, we must realize that the earth is inhabited by 7.8 billion people.

This is a good enough reason for us to think big and go ahead with the implementation of our ideas. Because there will still be people out there who have never heard of and will find tremendous value from them.

Some people desire for convenience and speed. Others are crying out for hope, direction, and guidance. And you, along with your imagination, is the answer.

So, don’t be confined to your own doubts and fears. And don’t deprive your audience the benefits that they truly deserve.