The 6th Month Stage

Most people are at the early stage of pursuing their dreams. At this stage, we are either just starting out, our we haven’t either started yet.

After you’ve gotten past the starting phase, the next stage you should aim for is the 6th month stage.

At this stage, something miraculous will happen. You will realize that you have forgotten about the initial doubts that you had in the beginning.

Because of the time that has elapsed, you are now remained with a stronger self-belief. You’ve gone too far to turn back.

Success is beginning to look like a certainty. The only problem is that it’s not. At least not yet. But since you can already vividly visualize it, you know that it will just be a matter of time before it happens.

If you’re just starting out and already having doubts, I urge you to aim for the 6th month stage, and witness for yourself the change that will happen to your belief system.

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