The Very Simple Reason Why You Exist

Ever wondered why you exist? After all, it’s not like we chose to be here. At least I don’t remember that happening.

The answer is very simple. We are born to fulfill our individual purpose in life. That’s it.

This means that if you spend your entire life on everything but your purpose, you have failed. You can say that fulfilling your purpose is your responsibility. And usually, responsibilities aren’t up to us to choose, but rather, they land automatically onto our shoulders.

I know, you may wonder how should you know what’s your purpose? The truth is only you will know what is your purpose because it is hidden deep in your heart. The only way to find it, is to find it. Use whatever is given to you to find it. Your mind. Your body. Your feelings. Your experiences. Your dreams.

Living a life in alignment to your purpose is the true meaning of living. Meaningful lives are lived to make others lives better. Meaningful lives are frequently challenged, to allow ourselves to grow. Once we stop growing, we die. And a meaningful life is to be lived with happiness. Can you imagine a life of sorrows and burdens? That wouldn’t be very meaningful, isn’t it?

Now you know, I wish you the best in your personal adventure of living a purposeful and meaningful life.