Successful People Crazy People

Can you imagine telling people that someday, every home will have a computer? Bill Gates did.

Can you imagine telling everyone that someday, you’ll become the world’s greatest investor? Warren Buffett did.

Can you imagine telling everyone someday, you’ll build a company that sells everything and to every part of the world? Jeff Bezos did.

Can you imagine telling everyone someday, you’ll build electric cars and fly rockets to the moon? Elon Musk did.

Can you imagine what people will think of those people when they first share their agenda to them? Yes, “You’re Crazy!”

Crazy people do crazy things. That’s why they become crazily successful. Don’t allow the opinion of others stop you from your goals and dreams. They are just operating on a different frequency as you. Therefore, they wouldn’t understand why and how you can have such crazy ideas that are plain ridiculous to them.

Have a big goal? Just go ahead and do it. You don’t need the affirmation of other people. If you wait for them, you’ll never get started.

Just let your results speak for you. But it takes time and it’s imperative that you waste no more of it and start working now!