Success Is So Obvious

We tend to ignore success because it’s so obvious. It’s so obvious that we don’t take it seriously. It’s there. It has always been there.

It’s like air. It’s there but how many of us take a moment to remember that it’s there?

It’s obvious. Success is hard work and perserverance. Nothing else. If you can work hard and perservere, you don’t need to be positive. You don’t need to be driven. You don’t need to be disciplined. When things are so obvious, we don’t believe it. We try to look for other components to justify our beliefs.

If someone were to tell you to work hard and perservere and you’ll achieve success, you’ll remain skeptical.

Just like if someone were to tell you that by standing up now, you’ll achieve success, most people will still choose to remain seated.

Unless we believe that success is possible, and we have a burning desire to achieve it, even if they are right in front of our eyes, we will continue to be oblivious to them.