Oats is generally regarded as a highly nutritious food. It’s especially good for people who are looking to reduce their weight and sugar level.

But let’s admit it. It’s bland. It’s boring. And it’s perhaps the last choice on most people’s breakfast menu. If it’s so repulsive, how can we get the health benefits from it?

The key is to start small. The first mouth will always be difficult. The second mouth could taste even worse. By the third, you’ll probably feel like throwing up.

But once you can get past that, it gets easier. The next day, you’ll be wondering why it tasted so much worse yesterday than today.

After a week, you’d probably be enjoying the taste of the oats and the health benefits of it. You’ll probably even be teaching people how and why they should be eating oats.

Success is just like eating oats. It may not be as exciting as bacon and cheese, but it’s those who are committed will reap the rewards. Start small, let your purpose drive you forward, and let momentum bring you to places that you’ve always dream about.