Bad Habits

Everyone has at least a couple of bad habits. Finger biting, gaming, smoking, drinking, unnecessary spending, junk food, etc.

It’s easy to just say stop doing them, but we all know how effective such advices really are.

In order for us to kick our undesirable habits, we must acknowledge the underlying causes that’s really causing them.

Bad habits can be caused by boredom. Most often, we are bored because we have a lot of time on our hands but no real purpose to make good use of them. When we have strong, motivating purposes, we become focused on using whatever time we have to pursue them, and reducing our need for those bad habits.

Bad habits can also be caused by stress from our work and personal lives. At the end of a long and tired day, we just want to kick off our shoes and indulge in these bad habits.

After all, bad habits do help by allowing us to enjoy some short term pleasures. But we all know, bad habits, if indulged in the long run, will result in detrimental consequences.

Bad habits often impede our path to great success. That is why it’s imperative that we are able to kick them out of our lives and find the time and space for the more desirable ones.