Who can argue against the virtues of being generous?

Give. Give a lot. Give as much as you can. Give even when you’re broke. Give even when you’re in debt!

Seriously? Are we going overboard on giving?

There is a time to give. But there’s also time we shouldn’t. And one of such time where we shouldn’t would definitely be when we’re in debt.

You definitely should acknowledge your enthusiasm for wanting to give. But it’s just not the time. When you’re being burdened by debt, your sole focus is to become debt free. Which means allocating all your available money into paying off your debt.

Giving when you’re in debt is not just wrong, it’s irresponsible. Because it’s your duty to pay the people whom you owe money to first. And because you don’t pay off your debt, you’ll probably incur unnecessary interests and other charges. Which will also probably incur your wife’s or husband’s wrath.

However, you should use your enthusiasm to give as a motivation to quickly pay off your debt. Because once you become debt free, you would have finally “earned” the rights to start giving.