What B#1 Means To You

B#1 means that you have your sights set on becoming number one.

It’s unbelievable. It’s over the top. It’s crazy. And if it’s crazy, you know that you’re heading towards the right direction. Successful people do crazy things. So don’t stop!

If you want to achieve normal things, then be normal. Do the normal stuff. Be mundane. Be ordinary. Be stuck in the middle of the pack.

B#1 means you consume yourself with so much motivation, so much rocket fuel, so much testosterone, so much creativity, so much enthusiasm, to go full steam ahead.

When you go full steam like a locomotive, you become unstoppable. Negativity can’t stop you. Mistakes can’t stop you. And even your mama can’t stop you.

When you are operating with a B#1 mindset, you are focused. You are intense. Nothing around you is going to distract you from your target.

You Express will only stop when it reaches the next station. And the next station for you is Success.

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