Why You Should Read

We all already know why we should read.

It’s a good habit. We can increase our knowledge. It improves our focus. Etc.

Beside all these, reading also actually increases our depth and confidence.

This is especially useful when we are put in a social setting. When we are with our friends, our bosses, and even strangers.

From the words that are expelled from our mouth, people will form an impression of us instantaneously. They can determine if we are people of substance, or we are simply just another person who get all his knowledge from Facebook.

This means that we have an opportunity to impress others. And that could mean proving ourselves worthy of a grand opportunity or a promotion.

Of course, with millions of books being published each year, it’s impossible to read them all. But imagine the guilt on your face when you, the manager, don’t know any of the best-selling management or leadership books out there.

Or you, the financial planner, who don’t know about other investment or wealth management strategies beside those that are taught to you by your sales manager.

Reading simply shows how much we want to improve. And it also shows how much we really desire the success that we have implied.