It is inevitable that we feel a little uncertain, a little scared, at the start of our journey.

After all, the future is unknown and no matter how hard we strive, the outcome will still be a question mark.

Is it possible to make the future looks a little more certain? Yes. To do so, we need to become unstoppable.

Unstoppable means not letting anything stop you from getting what you want. To become unstoppable, you will need to, despite all the initial uncertainties, just keep going.

If you keep going, you will feel much unstoppable after a few months, as compared to when you just started out. And you will feel even more unstoppable after you kept going for a couple of years, as compared to the earlier months.

The key is to keep going. When you have kept going, your focus become fortified. They become stronger, and, yes, unstoppable. And your uncertainties will gradually decrease as well.

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