The Surprising Reason Why You Should Work On Weekends

Weekends are times when people celebrate and dress up to go to parties.

But that is how the average perceive of weekends. And if you are serious about becoming successful, then you must quickly come to terms that optimizing your weekends is totally crucial to your success.

Most people would have already known that weekends are the best time to work on our dreams – Less distractions and no work for us to think about. But there’s a more important reason why we must continue to work even during the weekends.

We must, especially in our early days, show up everyday. And that’s including our weekends.

Can you imagine Facebook close for the weekends? Or Instagram close for the weekends? They will lose their customers to a hungrier competitor in no time.

When your audience shows up at your “shop” and see that you’re not open, they are just going to feel disappointed and bring their trust to someone who’s open next door.