Why Buy Books? (When You Can Borrow Them From The Library)

Contrary to popular beliefs, books aren’t simply reading materials.

Books are inspirations. Books are reminders. Books are sacred. They contain valuable knowledge that should be repeatedly impressed upon us. Books are also servants. When you become their owners, they will begin to serve you with all their heart and loyalty.

Choosing to buy, over borrowing, is a commitment. A commitment to take ownership of the lessons taught in the pages. Whatever you have exchange hard-earned money for, you will always want to extract a little more benefits out of it.

Buying a book is to own. It is to take ownership. Ownership of the wisdoms that your chosen authors have intended to impart onto you. When you own something, you say, “This is mine!” Just like you say, “This goal is mine!” or “This success is mine!” They feel stronger and more powerful.

As for borrowing, I simply can’t say the same.

Of course, you should buy only if you can afford to do so. If you have financial constraints, then borrowing from the library is the next best choice.

(Trivial: This post is written in a library.)

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3 thoughts on “Why Buy Books? (When You Can Borrow Them From The Library)

  1. That’s right and it’s amazing to create our own library 🙂 I’m really proud of my collection of books, each of them give me great memories and every time I look at them it’s like they are alive… Do you know the feeling?? 🙂 cheers from Portugal, PedroL

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