Say “I’ll Do It”

By default, we should always say, “I’ll do it”.

Those who say “I’ll do it” are the ones who will come across surprises and opportunities.

Whereas those who have a habit to say no to everything will gradually cultivate a mentality of avoiding challenges and missing out on any fine opportunities.

It’s true, saying “I’ll do it” often means you have less time to work on your own stuff. And saying “I’ll do it” often will also means you will tend to encounter more mistakes and things that you may find out that you dislike doing.

But that is also why not everyone can succeed. Successful people learn to manage their time well and often had to do the things they do not like to do. The times we face challenges are the times we learn how to overcome difficulties. And that’s how successful people grow and succeed.

On the other hand, average people do only the things they are comfortable with but they will always miss out on achieving the kind of success they are destined to achieve.