Trump’s Mistake

This isn’t a post to diss Trump. In fact, I’ve studied his success long before he ran for the Presidency.

I always enjoyed learning from people who have achieved massive success in their lives. And whether we like him or not, we must give credit when credit’s due.

His loss in the recent election, fraud or not, is simply due to his own miscalculations.


Even though it’s an open secret that he dislikes Democrats, it’s a fact that in life that we must learn to put aside our differences and to work with people we don’t like to achieve the common goals.

He had 4 years to unite the people but he just wasn’t able to do so.

Mail-In Ballots

Like it or not, mail-in balloting is one of the approved methods.

Instead of leveraging it, he discouraged the use of it, which backfired directly back at him.


The biggest downfall for Trump is due to his bitter relationship with the media.

For years, the media has been portraying him in a negative light. Instead of trying to improve his reputation among fence sitters, he continued with his brash remarks, which further deteriorated his relationship with them, and the public.

Sometimes, playing a little diplomacy is essential and beneficial to achieving success in the long run.

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