The Waiting Game

We spend all our lives perfecting the waiting game.

We wait for our bosses to give us our promotions. We wait for the exotic vacation that we have planned for to arrive in six months time. We wait for our economy to recover. We wait for our customers to come patronize our services. We wait for the next Marvel movie to be released. We wait and we wait..

And that’s the problem. We are simply waiting too much. We have grown accustomed to waiting for things to happen to us.

Successful people, on the other hand, have long realized that for good things to happen to them, they can’t keep waiting forever.

Success comes to the proactive few. They know that in order for them to succeed, they need to take actions. They need to commit themselves to take the leap.

Successful people pursue success like how a hungry lioness pursue a sprinting gazelle. A lioness who waits for it’s prey to walk into it’s den will only face starvation.

The only way to seek success is to simply seek it with strong intentions. Unless you realize this, your desired success will only continue to evade your grasp.

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