A Money Message For Anyone Who’s Young

How wealthy you are isn’t dependent on what clothes you wear or what cars you drive, but how much money you really have.

The Broke Person

A broke person is usually very quiet.

He is constantly distracted by other thoughts rather than the conversations around him. Thoughts that are usually linked to the consequences of having empty pockets and bank account.

You can easily spot people who are broke. They are usually the quietest ones, sitting in the corner hoping no one calls them out.

Because of all their ongoing money troubles, their mind are devoid of creative imagination, dreams, aspirations and solutions.

It’s like their souls have been sucked out of their bodies. It’s a terrible sight.

The Savvy One

On the other hand, someone with a relatively healthy bank account will feel full of hope for the future.

They don’t have to be worried about tomorrow’s meals or next week’s credit card bills deadline.

When they walk, they walk with confidence. When they speak, they speak with charisma. And when are working on something, they are focused, intentional, and optimistic.

Of course, the results they produce are of quality and they often receive praises from their peers.

Yes, they don’t have the latest branded bag and wallet to show off, but they can live with that.

Think about it. Which of the two is more attractive to you? Who would you prefer to be?

My biggest dream is to see our next generation becoming financially intelligent and living a life of purpose and success.

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