1 Week

It’s a little more than one week past New Year’s day and that means most people would have given up on their new gym memberships by now.

Much of the New Year’s enthusiasm has begun to erode. If you’re still as motivated and engaged as you were on New Year’s day, great job. This means that your goals are sticking well to you. But it’s still too early to be celebrating.

Now, all you need to do is to push your way to the head of the pack. You need to keep going and realize that there will be much, much more challenges ahead.

Challenges are inevitable. If you are facing a lot of challenges on your journey, that means your goal is a goal that’s worth your time.

Your goal is big enough. And big enough goals are goals that will propel you towards the kind of success you can never imagine achieving.

So, just don’t give up. No matter what, just keep going!