Often, people ask, “How do I become successful?”

Success is for everyone. But not everyone has the key to success. If you want the key, you must prove that you are a worthy owner of it.


Grant Cardone advocates that if people want to become successful, they must operate on 10X. 10X is an ideology that we must amplify what we want, our goals, our dreams, our plans, etc. by 10 times. Because when we do that, our actions will be amplified as well. And what happens when we 10X our actions? We get unbelievable results.


Everyone wants to become very rich and successful. If you happen to be one of such person, then you will need to set your sights on becoming number 1. If you’re going to put all your energy into becoming successful anyway, why not aim for number 1?

“I will never be number 1.” – commonly attributed to most people

Often, we are our worst enemy. We tell ourselves we can’t. We explains what are the roadblocks that are in our way. Have you ever realized that nobody cares?

Have you ever realized that you are answerable to no one except yourself? And have you ever realized that only what you really accomplish at the end of the day matters?

Not your justifications and not even whether if you hit your goals or not. Your goals is just a tool to help motivate you towards success.

Don’t let your goals become your school principal. You don’t have to answer to her.

Goals are not your targetboards, but your springboard to help propel you to greater heights.

When it comes to achieving success, the sky is really the limit!

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