3 Prices Of Success

Success comes at a price. That’s why not many people can become successful.

Here’s 3 prices that you may have to pay if you truly wish to become successful.


If you desire to become successful, you must come to terms that criticisms are going to be inevitable.

The good thing is that the more successful you are, the more criticisms you are going to get. And the point is to focus on the success you will receive rather than the criticisms.

Never allow haters to derail you. Always remember to stay focused on your own plans and intentions.


Both successful people and unsuccessful people have an equal amount of 24 hours a day.

The difference between both of them is how they make use of their time.

Successful people tend to be very intentional about how they use their time. They often spend a significant amount of their time on activities that move them closer to their goals.

They understand that in order to become successful, they may not be able to spend time like most of the other people.

They may also have to say no to activities such as accepting party invitations and watching Netflix.


Often, successful people face challenges in their relationships with their loved ones.

As you spend time building your dreams, it is unavoidable that you will have to you to spend lesser time with your loved ones than you wish you could.

Therefore, it is important to seek their understanding. Explain to them why your success is important to you and what your success can bring to the family. Let them be a part of your success.

One way to manage this is whenever you do actually spend time with your loved ones, ensure that the time spent is of massive quality and substance.

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