3 Predictions For 2026

You know, I initially wanted this to be a list of 5.

But I really find it so difficult to predict the future, even if it’s for just the next 5 years.

So anyway, here’s 3 predictions for 2026.

Helicopter Taxis

In 2026, helicopter taxis flying in the sky will become a common sight.

This will also be implemented for goods delivery.

This will mean that we will be able to move at a faster speed, in a much faster world.

Driverless Cars

Driverless cars are still not very common currently.

But in 2026, 80% of the cars will be driverless.

(And just like this, mankind has just lost another skill.)


Voice-First is already available now.

But in 2026, voice-first technology will be even more sophisticated than what we are having.

Everyone will be using it to search for information, do their shopping, and communicate with their friends.

It will replace the need to type on our screens and on our keyboards.


The ability to figure out what our future is is an extremely important ability which can decide how successful we will become.

The best way to do so is to be keeping ourselves constantly current on the latest updates in technology and lifestyles.

What do you think? What will we have in 2026? Please share.

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