When Is It Okay To Finally Let Go

We always hear others saying, “Never give up!” It is true, 99% of the time we shouldn’t.

After all, giving up means that all of our previous efforts and resources will go to waste. And if we find something else that is interesting in future, we will need to start from scratch again.

Giving up, depending on the circumstances, could also mean that we allow ourselves to succumb to pressure and obstacles.

It will affect us detrimentally if we allow ourselves to form a habit of giving up everytime we are faced with any challenges, big or small.

But what if the things that we are doing just don’t serve us anymore? What if we didn’t do our planning properly at the beginning phase? What if we were too hasty in starting the project and we really got bored of it? What if we realized that it is going to cost us much more resources and we consider it wiser to get out quickly than to stick with a lost cause? What if we wake up depressed having to face the decision to let go or push on? What if we have simply screwed up?

The question to ask ourselves in such situations is whether if there’s any good in continuing to perservere with our endeavors.

Our decisions may come back to haunt us. But the important point is that we must own up, reassess our options, make a decision, and whether if our decision is right or wrong, we should always learn to accept with peace and love. Never start beating yourself. Your next project may becoming something even bigger than this, and vice versa. And that’s life.

We can’t change the past but we can improve our future. Most importantly, we must learn from our mistakes and not repeat them again.

Only by realizing that, we can continue to move upwards to our desired heights of success.

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