Attention is the new currency.”

Several decades ago, attention is only reserved for a fortunate few. Those people who were able to gain the attention of the masses were usually men and women of massive wealth and influence.

Today, with the help of advanced technology, just a gentle tap on the screen, anyone can blast his or her content out into the world.

Even though people have more powerful social network tools today than ever before, the competition for attention has also increased significantly.

In order for us to not only survive, but thrive in this massive battle royale, it is important for us to continue to generate content of high quality. They must be strong enough to attract the attention of others.

Having a strong content by itself is insufficient. You will also need to constantly be working on your outreach. A brilliant product serves no purpose if no one sees it.

Another key to winning the attention game is, Perserverance. We all start out at the bottom. The climb from the bottom to top simply takes time. Unfortunately, most people give up as soon as they don’t see the results that they have expected.

Only those who grit their teeth and brave on will be rewarded with true success.

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