Bye 2020, Hi 2021

2020 is really coming to a close. How has it been for you?

Obviously, Covid-19 has been the biggest story for all of us. Some of us may have lost our job and others may have lost our loved ones.

But Covid-19 has also reminded us to always stay grateful for the things that we have.

Thankfully, my family and I have came out relatively unscathed throughout this difficult period.

For me, 2020 will be remembered as a year of enrichment. In 2020, I started a new business. I also started, where I have the privilege to share my beliefs, experiences, and lessons, about success and motivation. And thankfully, I have also gained a number of friends who have the same passion to share as me.

In 2020, due to the lockdowns, I have read over 30 new books, listened to more than 20 audiobooks on Audible, watched countless self-improvement and motivational videos, and placed serious emphasis on my health and body. I have began working out religiously, hoping to become a role model dad that my son can be proud of. I have also started to educate myself (and participated) in investing in the stock market.

In 2021, I am looking to grow even more significantly in terms of my spiritual, finance, and relationships aspects. In 2021, I will continue to spread motivation and positivity to the people around me.

If you haven’t started on setting your 2021 goals, I urge you to start as soon as possible. I look forward to your success in the new year ahead.

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