This is neither a story about success nor money. But a personal story that is extremely close to my heart and will definitely stick with me for the rest of my life.

Most newly minted parents will know that babies will wake up every two hours in the night to cry for milk.

During one of such nights, while my wife and I were admiring our cute little boy suckling away, I asked her this question, “if someone were to offer you a million dollars, would you sell him away?” Without any hesitation, she replied, “No, I wouldn’t.”

Then I asked again, “What about a billion dollars?” Again without any hesitation, she replied, “No. I wouldn’t sell him for any amount of money.”

This hit me with a realization of how rich I already am. I am even richer than a billionaire. Right in our arms is something that we wouldn’t exchange even for a billion dollars.

We all have that something that is priceless to us. While we are all striving to achieve our own definition of greatness, it is also important to be grateful and reminded of the things that we already have.

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