When It Comes To Success, Nothing Else Matters

What if the things that you always thought matter, don’t really matter?

Your happiness doesn’t matter. Your job doesn’t matter. Your hobbies don’t matter. Your interests don’t matter. Your principles don’t matter. Your bucket list don’t matter. Your favourite food don’t matter. Your favourite places don’t matter. your sports team don’t matter. Your friends and family don’t matter. Your dogs don’t matter. Your cats don’t matter. your sea monkeys don’t matter. Your pasts don’t matter. Your health doesn’t matter. Your feelings don’t matter. Your religion doesn’t matter.

You see, all the things above are generally regarded as things that matter a lot. But when everything is important, nothing is important. When there’s so many things that we hold on tightly to as priorities, we push our success down our priority list.

Most people refuse to rank one above the other. Why? Because it is too painful to do so. And it is also regarded as being too cold-hearted to do so as well.

Unfortunately, success requires your 100% focus. If you really want success, you need to pursue it like a mad man. If you are really serious about achieving massive success in this lifetime, you must be able to separate what matters from what MATTERS.

Earlier, when I stated that your family and religion doesn’t matter, it doesn’t mean that you can’t play football with your kids or go to the church ever again. It simply means that you need to come to terms that you will need to spend the majority of your time and effort on working towards your success. If I say oxygen is more important than money, it obviously doesn’t mean that you only need oxygen and not money.

Most people fail to see the distinction between their priorities. Unless you are crystal clear about what you truly want, it’ll be crystal clear that it will continue to evade your grasp. And if it just so happens that success is what you truly desire, then it is evident that it should be the sole focus of your present.

List the 25 goals that you want to accomplish in life. Circle the 5 most important goals and cross out the rest and never think about them again. They will take time away from the 5 that are the most important.” – Warren Buffett

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