Most Men Don’t Become Successful Until 40

“Most Men Don’t Become Successful Until 40.”

Most people who have read Napoleon Hill’s classic, Think and Grow Rich, might have come across this notion.

Not surprisingly, it caught my attention too. As a guy in my early-mid 30s, I began to do a mental calculation of how many years I have left before I turn 40. I definitely do not wish to succumb to a life of average.

The 20s and 30s are times where people do most of their stupidest things. They waste much of their time on unproductive activities and spend precious dollars buying useless stuff. They tend to join bad companies and accumulate undesirable habits.

It is only when they reach 40, they begin to become serious about life. They start to see life differently. They start to realize that living a life of substance is more important than living a life of existence.

If you still have time before you turn 40, I hope you will cherish and do whatever it takes for you to achieve your desired success.

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