Why You Should Not Tell Others About Your Goals

Whenever a brilliant idea pops up in our head, the first thing we think of doing is to share it with others.

Why do we always have the urge to tell others? The reason is because of our innate need to seek affirmation from other people. And that is mostly due to a lack of self esteem.

The problem with telling others about our goals and ideas is we tend to have our enthusiasm destroyed and become discouraged after that.

The people you share your goals with will ask you questions that will feed doubts into your head. “What’s your selling point?”, “What are you so different from your existing competitors?”, “Are you sure it will work?”, “Someone has tried it before and he failed. Maybe you should reconsider?” Are these important questions? Yes. Is it the best time to be asking them? No.

You see, your mates are not you. They don’t have the epiphany that you had. They did not read the books that you have read and they don’t have your creativity, motivation, and conviction to achieve the goals that you have set. The didn’t experience or witness what you had. Both of you are just on different frequencies.

Sharing your goals and dreams to others will will just add unnecessary pressure, attention, and confusion to yourself.

“Many people make the mistake of talking too much about their goals. Too much talking causes their energies to dissipate and their motivation to decline. It weakens their resolve. They lose the force and the power they would have had if they kept their goals to themselves and instead concentrated on purposeful activities.” – Brian Tracy

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