Successful People Don’t Hate Trump

Successful people don’t hate Trump. Neither do they hate Biden, nor Obama, nor Bush.

You see, people who have found, or are currently on their path to massive success, are people who are strongly focused on the own goals and dreams. They simply don’t have the capacity to engage in hating.

Do successful people care about politics? Definitely. But successful people often don’t react the way average people react. Successful people tend to possess strong self control. They are careful to not allow external factors affect their emotions. On the other hand, unsuccessful people often inadvertantly allow others to control their emotions. They get angry and frustrated easily.

Hating often takes a heavy toll on our health, both mentally and physically. The anger that comes with it make us do stupid things that we often regret. Hating blurs our thoughts and vision. It is hard for someone who is always possessed by hatred to also possess love and kindness at the same time. With so much burden in their heart, such people are often unable to freely pursue their own success.

Stop allowing others to live rent-free in your head, which is truly one of the most difficult way to be happy. Next time, if you see someone you really can’t stand, try treating it as a great opportunity to practice self-control. Try not to react and see the toxic energy of hate evaporates away.

“Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” – Buddha

So, well, stop hating.

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