6 Things Successful People Keep Repeating

After coming across teachings of countless of successful entrepreneurs and motivational speakers, I have realized that there is a group of things, that is being repeated continuously over and over again.


Accountability is to be able to be counted upon by others.

It means to do what you say you will do. If you fail to do what you said you will too often, you will lose credibility.

People who are not accountable simply don’t succeed.

Positive Thinking

People who think positively believe that they can achieve success.

This is very important because only when we can visualize success ahead, then we will be ready to commit intentional actions into them.

People who often think negatively, usually do not find the right motivation to put in the hard work to achieve their desired success.

Goal Setting

Successful people set goals.

Not just goals, but clear goals. Clear goals leads to clear actions which in turn, leads to clear success.

Hoping for success without setting goals is like hoping to score a goal in a football match that does not have any goalposts.


While working towards our goals, we will encounter all kinds of temptations to give up.

The challenge is to not.

Grant Cardone said that people who succeed are those who willed themselves to go five minutes longer.

Time Management

Everyone, rich and poor, has exactly 24 hours a day.

What do we commit to within the time we have will determine whether we will become successful or not.

If we choose to indulge in fun and entertainment over putting in the grind to achieve our goals, then we cannot expect to have the success that we have always dream about.

Just Do It

Like the famous Nike slogan, “Just Do It”.

Many people, filled with hopes and aspirations, failed to fulfill their potential simply because of their fear of failure.

Until we really do it, our dreams will only remain a fantasy.

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