Project 100%

About Project 100%

Successful people are people who operate at 100%. 100% of their effort, 100% of their time, and 100% of their focus. On the other hand, average people operate at only a fraction of that.

Successful people wake up excited because they know its another day their efforts are going to move them closer to their ultimate dreams. Average people wake up feeling sluggish, because to them, it’s just another day in the office, just another day working for a paycheck to fulfill someone else’s dreams.

The Things That Really Matter

Successful people spend time on the things that really matter. Those things that can make a huge impact in their lives. For an entrepreneur, that will be activities such as networking, creating engaging contents, designing and marketing their products and services, and bringing happiness and changing people’s lives. The more time you invest into your goals and dreams, the more successful you’ll eventually become. It’s not rocket science, but simply the works of the law of cause and effect.


Successful people are aware of the time they have, which is also equal to what the average people have. Therefore, you will seldom see successful people frittering away those precious hours on gossiping, moaning, and complaining, which usually amount to absolutely nothing. They have long understood that success can only be achieved when enough work have been put into their ideas and plans.

The Secret

Why successful people are able to be so committed that they can invest massive amount of time and are so laser-focused on their goals and dreams? This is where the secret lies. They are able to do so, not because they are born hardworking or smarter than others. Perhaps some people do have a tougher upbringing, which resulted in their immense hunger for success, but that does not mean that those without a rough childhood are doomed to a life of being average. We should only focus on the things we can control, and how we grow up is not something we can control. Spending time ruminating about the things that we have no control over will only be causing us unnecessary stress and also wasting more precious time. The biggest difference between successful people and average people is simply this, Purpose.

Successful people are clear about their purpose and the average people aren’t. The clearer you are about your purpose, the clearer your path becomes. In turn, your actions become clear as well. Therefore, you should spend time finding your purpose, if you haven’t. They usually exist deep down in your conscious. Ask yourself, “What matters?”, “Why do I need to achieve it?”, “What will happen if I don’t?”, etc. They are usually for a noble cause. They are usually connected to something that you love and they are usually related to something that matters a lot to you. Purpose is indeed everything to your success.


After you have figured out your purpose, you will need to set goals. What do you want to achieve by a certain deadline? Similarly, goals must be clear as they will determine if your conviction, plans, and actions, are clear or muddled. Goals must be written down in a notebook. Not stored in our memory, as we will tend to forget them. “A goal that is not in writing is not a goal at all. It is merely a wish and it has no energy behind it.” – Brian Tracy. And again, goals must have deadlines. “But what if I missed them?”, you may ask. Then, just set another one.

If you are dead serious about living this one and only life you have to the fullest, I strongly encourage you to adopt the Project 100% mindset and implement it to your day to day routine. Remember, 100% effort, 100% time, and 100% focus.

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